Friday, April 18, 2008


Undivided Family

I feel an orphan

A family is forming itself, alien
Not group, gang, junta, cabal; but
Family, pure and simple, lovely,
Sweet, gooey, nice, fragrant, soft, coo

I feel an orphan

I'm not rebel, loner, eccentric, strange
mad, furious, angry, young; and yes
mom and dad, both are alive, yet
a family is forming itself, alien

I feel an orphan

Soon the juniors will be here
Little feet pattering, on the
Corridors, some will be adopted
This family will have kids

I feel an orphan

These guys are evolution, even as
JNUSU is vanilla and orchids upon them
I wait for Angelina Jolie, to place
Her palm beneath my chin, kind eyes.

I'll call her mama