Monday, January 11, 2010

maja ayega

we were in Calcutta
to attend a friend's wedding
one among our group
was this guy from Tibet

we went to College Street
to buy old books
and to discos in
Salt Lake City Centre
to check out the girls.
someone bought a pitcher
of Kingfisher beer

back in our hotel room
late in the night
this short, dark, ugly guy
came and slapped the Tibetan,
who simply replied:
`come on, do it again,
slap me, maja ayega.'

That night in sleep
his God came to him
with momos,
to whom he said:
`bring it on, you big guy
bring on your big thing,
bring it on, do your worst.'

God said:`come on,
take it easy pretty boy,
take it easy, it is OK,relax
take it easy, maja, maja ayega.'